Beware of Crimea 2015 Pin-Up Calendar by Andrew Tarusov

Hey! Here's my new calendar! It's about Crimea (Ukraine/Russia/Somwhere) and girls near the Black Sea. Come on, don't be shy, look at it!
It will be printed after the 10th of December and you can order it here
And, also, I made my Art pages at Facebook and Instagram
The name of the Calendar is "Beware of Crimea!"

Beware of Crimea!

Miss Sudak recommends:
In the summer you live on the beach
Clean the garbage within your reach!

Miss Koktebel recommends: Please beware of UV rays Wear a hat if nothing else

Miss Yalta recommends The air of Yalta is fresh and clean But the food may give you spleen

Miss Miskhor recommends: To avoid resort discomfort Drink a lot of water pronto

Miss Feodosia recommends: Keep the money within reach Avoid the hustlers on the beach

Miss Simeiz recommends: Did you wake up black as grime? Shouldn't sleep on the beach for too much time

Miss Alupka recommends: Even in Eden you can burn your skin So always remember, apply your cream

Miss Yevpatoria recommends: If you already took a swig Don't go swimming on this jig

Miss Gurzuf recommends: Go swim to forget your chores But remember to watch your clothes

Miss Balaklava recommends: Don't get other people confused, Change your clothes in the special booth

Miss Sevastopol recommends: Few things can be lamer Than falling prey to a sketchy "painter"

Miss Alushta recommends: Protect yourself from heat with an umbrella, Look like a queen, oh, ciao, bella!

Miss Kerch recommends: Take the sun baths, conquer and create, But keep your guard up and don't stay up late!


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izofox комментирует...

Круто :))

Unknown комментирует...

Оч.круто! Отличная работа. Я бы такой календарь себе повесил в кабинете!

Mahoni комментирует...

Очень очень круто!!!!